It has been, is being a beautiful summer. A swarm of bees arrived and the bee wrangler gave them a home. Babies all around us. Much time spent on the simple pleasures of swimming and outdoor conversation, lawn mowing, book reading.


The other day, after an entire afternoon of doing absolutely nothing with Lauren and Joanna, someone mentioned a book … Three Women. And it seemed that we had to read it! So Joanna ran to the bookstore and bought the last three copies and brought them back to us, with two malted milkshakes from Stewart’s. Then Auntie Jan arrived for a few days. Blisstown.

When we talk about time we talk about it in the same way we talk about money: spending, spend, spent. That’s because it’s one of our most, perhaps our very most precious commodity.

The music has been so good this summer and there is more to come. And the kid, a teenager now, working some, chomping at the bit to drive. She’s in that … argh! I just want to get on with it stage. And of course I look at her and think … no, no, slow it all down! She wants to skateboard and surf, the cells of her being yearning for more in every direction.


If you will please send up a prayer for Tom O’Brien, who has spinal surgery at Dartmouth today. I ask for prayers for the wisdom of his medical caretakers, the healing of his body and the fortitude of my mom, his beloved nurse. We hope to get this guy back on the slopes this winter.