Couple of thing going on … my time of ministry at the Pawlet Church will come to a close at the end of October. From then on I’ll be doing some pop-up preaching — check back here to keep track of where I’ll be showing up.

We’ll be be doing a lot of skiing this winter thanks to the magnanimous and magnificent Cyrus Schenck, whose generosity (and genius, check out what he makes) will have me on these incredible boards this year. My son, Nate, built a pair of skis with Cyrus for his senior project a few yeas ago and since then we’ve all watched with glee as his terrific idea for how to build a better ski has become a respected force in the industry.

Working in nursing homes and hospice care has taught me much. Right now it’s this: today I have legs that work so I damn well better put them to good use. I’ll see you slopeside at the lovely and very local Magic Mountain this winter, and too at Stowe, where I’ll be at the Mt. Mansfield chapel doing the Sunday afternoon service from time to time.

I’m honored to be among the many wise and intelligent women presenters at Senator Leahy’s Economic Opportunity Conference for women this October. Sign up and join us.

I have already begun to fill my officiating calendar for weddings in 2020; do get in touch if you know anyone tying the knot next year. I am also taking on small photography gigs. Happy to travel for those good things.

There is a lot swirling, a lot changing, not the least of which are all the beautiful colors around us. Both of my boys have September birthdays; in October my folks are moving back to the place they left 25 years ago, back to our hometown. No doubt we’ll be returning to the sea soon for another surfing session.

So much to be grateful for, so much to look forward to. So many lovely surprises and plot twists.

Enjoy the cider, enjoy the apples, soak up the sun. Be with your kids, express gratitude, be kind.
That’s all. For now. xomo