Meeting House

Each summer the beautiful Landgrove Meeting House in magical Landgrove,Vermont hosts Sunday morning gatherings in July and August. I am honored to be among the line-up of giants preaching there this year. This is where it all started for me, six summers ago, when sweet Sally Ogden invited me to join in even before I knew what the heck I was doing.


I can’t necessarily say I know what I’m doing any more now than I did then, but I sure love going back to this place each summer, remembering all the funny and amazing things that happened that first year. I saw a black bear on my drive through the Big Branch Wilderness area that morning. There was a torrential downpour, booming thunder, power outage, the whole bit. I think those were good omens.

Get in your car and drive over to Landgrove this Sunday; it’s tucked in a perfect little corner of our lovely little state. Meet us there at 9:30. We have incredibly talented musical guests Andrew Stearns, Shay Gestal and Will Mosheim joining us. Delicious snacks on the lawn afterwards, then we head to Hapgood’s for the best breakfast you’ve had all week.

Stick around the soVt area for the day then head to Earth Sky Time Farm in the evening for tasty food, great music and more kind-hearted community. If this doesn’t give ya goosebumps, nuthin’ will. On My Way Home … what a great song.

See you soon to pray, sing, hug, eat your way into steamy and hot July.