For the past 22 years Senator Patrick Leahy and his staff have encouraged the growth of women-led businesses and the success of female entrepreneurs in Vermont through an annual conference on economic development. The Women’s Economic Opportunity Conference, a full day of speakers, workshops and presentations, is free and this year takes place at Vermont Technical College in Randolph on Saturday, October 19.

It speaks volumes that as part of this year’s offerings I will be giving a workshop on the cultivation of “inner wealth.” We cannot, nor should we, expect that a one-sided life of chasing an economic or entrepreneurial dream will lead us to peace or satisfaction. Life is a multi-layered, complex, magical mix of physical, spiritual and emotional well-being (with a fair measure of darkness thrown in an effort to re-route us when we’re off-path) and to ignore or elevate one part of the whole over others often leads to … dis-ease and/or disease. Join me in the afternoon to talk about ways to cultivate one’s inner life even as the world asks us to be more and make more and do more.

Indeed, come join a whole bunch of smart, funny, clever and engaging Vermont women in what will most certainly be a day of connection and growth. You do not need to be launching a business to benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge at this great event.

You can read all about it right here (and register).
See you soon!

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