Photographer and filmmaker Barbara Hammer once said something wonderful about the camera becoming part of her body, “when I am letting it express how my movement feels … how passionate I am about texture and the body.”

I used to feel that the camera was a kind of technical encumbrance, that it was a necessity to capture the thing, the moment, the light, the face, but also a burden. I greatly admire how my seven-year-old nephew can pick up a pencil and draw effortlessly. A 10-cent pencil and a piece of paper are all he needs to manifest his artistic interpretation of the world.


Still, I have come to love the tools that allow me to capture the images that reflect how passionate I am … about the world around us.


I find every bit of it to be breathtaking and I am content to have finally settled into a relationship of acceptance and respect for this confusing and heavy piece of black plastic and metal and glass that goes with me everywhere and has become a part of me.