I have been watching this nest for a while now, at times afraid I was making the mamma too nervous with my curiosity, but still unable to stop myself. The perfect blue of the eggs, the magic of the wondering … when will they be born … what will happen next … sent me back to the tree to the nest over and over until yesterday when I saw them for the first time. Welcome to the world, tiny creatures! How lucky for you to have been born birds.


Furthermore. I couldn’t help but be mesmerized, too, by this, the very last holdout on the Crabapple tree. For several days now this … late bloomer? tenacious blossom? botanical rebel? has remained the final gasp while the rest of the tree has moved on. It makes me smile every time, that she continues to bloom in spite of …


And finally, in a week of baby birds born and last-gasp bloomers, of course she is graduating tonight from middle school. She has been there since she was three years old, a pro. I have no idea how Charlotte Central School will go on without her, but time does time’s thing, right? On Tuesday she was given an award for ‘responsible and involved citizenship,’ which, in simple language translates to kindness. Helen Cooper Hood Eyre has so many wonderful qualities, but most certainly it is her kindness, shining like a beacon from her tender soul, that defines her.


She has been many, many, many things in her fourteen short years on this planet. Off to high school in the fall, driving next winter. Brace yourself world, The Coco is on her way.