It Is What It Is
(In progress)

This is an on-going exploration into the variety of ways we learn to accept our circumstances in life. It has begun as a story collection project, with the intention that it will grow into a series of public speaking events (and a collection of cool t-shirts).

Coming soon: iiwii merch.



How I Met Marc
(In progress)

I met actor Marc Menchaca (Ozark, Homeland, Manifest, The Outsider) on a flight from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard in 2014. We stay in touch via an on-going series of voice memos. One of Marc’s many gifts is that he is genius at making friends, keeping friends and connecting people. In his 44 years on this planet he has built a sturdy web of relationships with people from all over the world, and each one of them has an interesting or funny (usually both) story about how they met him. I find it hilarious and fantastic that he has friends from every imaginable walk of life; the goal is to interview as many of them as possible.

This podcast will make its debut in autumn, 2019.


The journal
that isn’t exactly named yet and is already behind schedule
(In progress)

Inspired by Seneca Ray Stoddard’s turn-of-the-century work as a photographer and chronicler of life in the north country, the aim is to create one-of-a-kind editions of stories and photos each season of the year. Look for the prize inside.